Red Mage Blue Mage

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Two mages with diametrically opposed worldviews go head to head, and only one incredibly handsome and articulate one who loves islands will come out ahead. It’s Red Mage Blue Mage time!

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Extra Turn: Candy for Breakfast

NEWS! There’s just so much NEWS. So much NEWS all the TIME. We’ve got Zendikar Rising spoilers, trailers, 5 brand new set announcements, and Modern Horizons 2. This episode features an abundance of spoilers, coffee talk, and endless wild speculation.

The Magic “Story”

Amber and Kenny discuss the current sad state of the MTG storyline and what they would do to tell a compelling story through the medium of Magic. This episode features monster bonding, big booty turtles, Gilmore Girls, and corporate storytelling.

Multiplayer Commander Part I: Wormtongue

We’re jumping into a new series of actual play, this time a 3-player Commander free-for-all! As you would expect from multiplayer Commander, this turned into quite the sprawling game, so we’ll be releasing the game in parts. This first episode of the series leans heavy on the politics side of Commander. Whose machinations and whispers from the shadows will put them ahead early?

Avatars and Angels (Dan Brown)

This episode features Avatar: The Last Airbender, the frailty of humanity, Q, and a quiz about angels in Magic: The Gathering.

Extra Turn: Drop the Hammer

So uh…how about those bans? WotC just dropped the hammer on eight decks across three different formats; this after two years that already saw more bans than in the previous two decades. What should a Magic player think about this unprecedented mess? We’re here to help! We’re talking about what makes these bans so historic, what they mean going forward, and whether paper Magic is long for this world.

Duel Decks: Superfriends vs Arcane Artifice

You know it, you love it! It’s a Winston Cube Draft, this time with Matt and Kenny building focused synergy decks! This episode features combos, new wave rock band Talking Heads, spooky skeletons, and bread.

WotC, Please Listen to Ryan Normandin

Today we discuss a truly excellent article by @RyanNormandin about how Magic went from banning one or two cards from Standard every 5 years to banning 20+ in the last three—and what they can do to right the ship. This episode features anime theme songs, design talk, Starcraft, and actual research, and some random first impressions of M21 cards (we record far in advance).

A Game of Asterisks

The day has come for the closing chapter of our latest Cube Draft saga! The evil Kenny looks to clinch the title wielding his usual counterspell dense bullshit, while Veronica looks to unite the goblin tribes and bring balance back to the world (aka make it a three way tie).


This episode features 3 big news stories (from awhile back), birdists, the halflife of memes, and a look into the shady underworld of professional Magic.