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Shapeshift is an actual play podcast chronicling the transformation of a player into a GM. Amber is a veteran ttrpg player who decided it was time to try her hand at GMing. Join her on a journey into gaining GM perspectives, insights, and experience.

It’s time to level up!

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95 – Book of Summer – Too Gross for Comfort

Was Oscarton Amber’s way of creating a rundown pitstop-esque motel into an entire city? Did she also get inspiration from The Oscars? Who’s to say.

94 – Book of Summer – Oscarton

A mostly uneventful stroll through woods and the party reaches their first true destination as they head west: Oscarton!

91 – Book of Summer – Side Quest: The Jolly Company Pt. 1

Frances is reunited with the group as they all make their way to the Town Hall to learn what sort of rewards they will receive for apprehending the JollyCo Cats.

90 – Book of Summer – Side Quest: Sticky Situation

Ulfred joins Pico and Musashi on another side quest to make more money. While helping at the Maple Table, they find an interesting lead.