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Shapeshift is an actual play podcast chronicling the transformation of a player into a GM. Amber is a veteran ttrpg player who decided it was time to try her hand at GMing. Join her on a journey into gaining GM perspectives, insights, and experience.

It’s time to level up!

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77 – The Warren – Strawberry Fields for a Bit

It’s the final episode of The Warren one shot! Determined to do something, the fuffle push forward right into a den of HUMANS!

76 – The Warren – Barley Quest

Barley agreed to lead the ragtag fuffle out to where the bird that wasn’t a bird was last seen, on the condition the acquire some sweet grass for him to munch on. Now they stand at the edge of the forest, where who knows what kind of danger they will face.

75 – The Warren – The Bird That Wasn’t A Bird

The Warren is being plagued by some unknown, potentially supernatural entity and Max Panic, Cool Steve, Rhubarb, Bubbles, and Professor Oats are on the case!

74 – The Warren of Abingdon Meadow

New one shot time! Amber leads her players through character creation and world building of The Warren, “a game about intelligent rabbits trying to make the best of a world filled with hazards, predators and, worst of all, other rabbits.”

71- Fiasco – I Can Be Your Decoy Daisy

Part 2! Cilantro is learning that using magic comes at a price. Maybe Firewind…Firehair…Firemind(?) is not the best apprentice he could have.

70 – Fiasco – Oops, All Geralts!

Amber facilitates a game of the new card based Fiasco. Listen to find out if we can resist the urge to play as all Geralts from The Witcher.

69 – Casket Land – Epilogue and Table Talk

The conclusion of Amber’s game of Casket Land, a weird horror western PBTA ttrpg, for Geekspective Presents live on the Don’t Split the Podcasts Network twitch channel.