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A table top RPG news, advice, interviews, and reviews podcast hosted by Amber, Kenny, and John.

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220 – Austin

Today on the show Amber chatted with freelance game writer & designer, TTRPG streamer, and podcaster Austin who also happens to be a therapist for their day job! If you listened to the Banana-Chan episode then y’all know that you should be following Austin.

219 – Bee Zelda

Today on the show Amber chatted with Roleplayer, Game Master, Streamer, and Podcaster Bee Zelda! You may know them from the all woman and non-binary DnD podcast The Broadswords or Roll20’s Indie Showcase or one of the other many Actual Play streams and podcasts they’ve played in or guested on. And if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check them out! 

218 – Table Top Spotlight – Quest

NEW MUSIC, what?! That’s right this is the first episode of the show inside the show: Table Top Spotlight!
Amber and Kenny discuss and give an in depth review of the TTRPG Quest! 

217 – Jammi – Sword Queen Games

Today on the show Amber talks with prolific Game Designer and lover of Gelatinous Cubes, Jammi. They sat down on February 11th and chatted about the RPG scene in the Philippines, how deeply personal themes of colonization are to people who’ve come from colonized countries, and of course a few of their many games like; Balikbayan. 

216 – Diana & Kate – Christmastide, Ohio

Today on the show Amber talked with podwives, GMs, and roleplayers Diana and Kate. They sat down on February 3rd and chatted about their starts in RPGs, what they enjoy in games, their love for the game Kids on Bikes, and of course the actual play podcast that resulted from that love, Christmastide, Ohio. Their show has a very interesting premise and structure. They even made a really cool mechanic  to fit their vision of the show! 

215 – Kyle Latino

Today on the show Amber talks with Comic Artist, Game Designer, and Map Maker Kyle Latino. They sat down on January 27th and chatted about comics, the ones he’s made and & published, art & social media, “slow” art, games, and of course MAPS! For ZineQuest 3, Kyle is running a kickstarter for an “Oops All Maps” Zine called Old Roads. Go check it out! His maps are amazing! 

214 – Lysa Penrose

Today on the show Kenny talked with DM’s Guild brand manager and witch-of-many-hats Lysa Penrose. Lysa is a writer, game designer, and variety streamer, among other things. They sat down on January 22nd and discussed her new game, Mundane Magic, as well as her ongoing stream, The Haunting of Good Society.

213 – Amber of Geekspective

Today on the show Kenny interviews our very own Amber! Amber is (of course) the host of this very show, but she also hosts Shapeshift, a podcast chronicling her journey from player to GM. They discussed that journey, as well as the lessons she’s learned about building worlds and creating characters.

212 – Andrew Gillis

Today on the show Amber talked with Game Designer Andrew Gillis. Andrew’s game Girl by Moonlight, is another one of Amber’s to-be-released most anticipated games. We sat down on December 30th and talked extensively about Girl by Moonlight, how it came to be, the goal of the game, the choice of system and the themes in the Magical Girl genre and how it can resonate with a lot of people.