Tales From Mauxferry

Hosted ByJosh Long

Mauxferry is a large city. Biggest in the realm, in fact. And they say that in cities, the rats outnumber the people. Maybe they were talking about the four-legged kind, but the two-legged rats always cause more trouble.

Everybody is a rat, and they are smarter and quicker than the kitty cats that are employed to catch them. If you aren’t paying someone else off, chasing coin, or planning the next big score, then you’re either a fool or a priest. And half of them are part of the underworld too. Get in, get out, and live happily ever after. It’s a good plan. But in Mauxferry, nothing ever goes according to plan.

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Season 2 Questions and Answers

It is the end of the season and with that it is time to ask some questions and have some answers about season 2 of Tales From Mauxferry!

Season 2 Finale – Shalazar the Shackled

It is the season two finale of Tales From Mauxferry. What lies beyond the black door? Will Brimstone get his revenge or die trying? It is time to find out!

s2e48 A Vacation in Hell

Having met some locals of Hell The Demigods are now ready to check in with some bone devils and then start their vacation! Which includes hunting Shalazar!

s2e47 The First Circle of Hell

That Shalazar always has something up his sleeve! Who knew a self-destruct teleportation to hell would be it? What will the demi-gods do now that they are in hell?

s2e45 Im Sorry

With Gerlach’s followers rescued and many loose ends tied up for now what awaits the demigods and in particular Brimstone?

s2e44 Uulda The Jailer

Uulda the demigod of command, constraint, and interrogation has arrived! What will the demigods do to save Gerlach’s followers?

s2e42 Trial by Fire Attorneys at Law

It’s time to save Gerlach’s followers! The only way to free someone from prison is of course representing them in the court of law or something…