Tales From Mauxferry

Hosted ByJosh Long

Mauxferry is a large city. Biggest in the realm, in fact. And they say that in cities, the rats outnumber the people. Maybe they were talking about the four-legged kind, but the two-legged rats always cause more trouble.

Everybody is a rat, and they are smarter and quicker than the kitty cats that are employed to catch them. If you aren’t paying someone else off, chasing coin, or planning the next big score, then you’re either a fool or a priest. And half of them are part of the underworld too. Get in, get out, and live happily ever after. It’s a good plan. But in Mauxferry, nothing ever goes according to plan.

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s2e41 The God of Pizza and Taxes

After a very odd encounter with Oorla, The Waxing Moon it is time to deal with the issues he couldn’t cover. One of them involves a pizza party and knives…

s2e40 Oorla The Waxing Moon

It’s the 100th episode of Tales From Mauxferry and to celebrate The Demigods pantheon is given a name and are approached by a mysterious demigod and must make a hard choice!

s2e39 The Demigod of War

Having taken on many tests of the demigod of war, retribution, and self defense it is time to… take some more tests… and then finally meet him!

s2e38 The Art of War

With a new friend made it is time to make a new friend! First they just need to impress the demi-god of war, retribution, and self defense…

Table Talk Session 16

Join us as we reflect on the ridiculous cat mystery and also discuss what you could get for subscribing to our Patreon!

s2e37 Frenemies

It’s time to solve the mystery of the celestial cat disappearance! Who is behind it all and why? 

s2e36 Celestial Kittens

With great godly powers comes the opportunity to have great godly impact on the world. One such impact being the safety of kittens!

Table Talk Session 15

Time to talk about tables like you do. O wait… That joke was already done before. Instead we talk about food and other things I have totally forgotten!

s2e35 Dinner Out in Monsterville

Time to check out on more followers and hear about some more hot goooosss. Also to visit one of the most fanciest restaurants in Monsterville!